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i'm tired of the old shit, let the new shit begin

i made this tape for my new sort of 'boyfriend'.
the title refers to getting him into some new music, cos he only listens to grunge.
and also, because we're at the start of a new relationship.
[i know, *gag*].

front cover:

back cover:


back of tracklisting:

tape side a:

tape side b:

01). THE VELVET TEEN: counting backwards
02). THE ARCADE FIRE: neighborhood #3 (power out)
03). RAINER MARIA: breakfast of champions
04). THE THERMALS: no culture icons
05). PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES: the teeth collector
06). MODEST MOUSE: cowboy dan
07). INTERPOL: not even jail
08). BRIGHT EYES: nothing gets crossed out
09). CURSIVE: the recluse
10). EELS: old shit / new shit
11). ASH: a life less ordinary

01). THE CRIBS: i'm alright me
02). DESAPARECIDOS: the happiest place on earth
03). FAR: what i've wanted to say
04). PEDRO THE LION: priests and paramedics
05). CAT POWER: metal heart
06). BRIGHT EYES: going for the gold
07). RILO KILEY: a better son / daughter
08). BEULAH: matter vs. space
09). FRANCOIS: katrina
10). THE GO! TEAM: huddle formation
11). N*E*R*D: maybe

i was really aware of not filling it with songs that are like "OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I'LL NEVER LEAVE YOU!".
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Aw, i want a copy. It looks good and I am also stuck in the old music so... yeah.
do you seriously want a copy? cos i could sort that out yknow!
Um, YES!!! How would you get it to me!?
through the post of course!
email me your address:
coreyhaim @
i want a copy too!!!
i adore this!
nice selections too.
good looking mixtape mate!
and also good selection of songs and nothing too cheesy hahaha like you would actually make him a cheesy mixtape!
so when are you gonna make a mix tape for 'big L' then hahahaha?
i'll make a mixtape for big L when she gives me back the unofficial mixtape. remember that?
i tried to phone you earlier but you didn't answer.
i'm gonna try again in a few momentos.
how interesting!
dimo + typweriter ♥