. (lena_horne) wrote in a_mixtape,

Sorry the scans suck. The colors are much brighter and prettier IRL.

Side A
Japanther - Selfish Kids
Big Black - L Dopa
1905 - Fall
Madeline Adams - Against the World and Losing the Battle
Defiance, Ohio - Bikes & Bridges
Fellow Project - Shoot the Latter but Save Your Face
Against Me! - These Anarcho Punks are Mysterious
Drive Like Jehu - Spikes to You
Propagandhi - Laplante Song
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb - This Is What I Want
Yaphet Kotto - Inquire Within
A Tribe Called Quest - Seperate/Together
Side B
The Flex - Movement In Our Hearts
Zegota - Bike Song
Saetia - Some Natures Catch No Plagues
A Silver Mt. Zion - The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes
Black Eyes - Deformative
Swans - I Am the Sun
Carla Bozulich - Monkeys
Comadre - Mess With the Best, Undress Like the Rest
Los Gatos Negros - Rawhide
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