Jonathan. (johneekemper) wrote in a_mixtape,

Not a mixtape, but...

I haven't had the means to make a tape in a while. Being a vagabond, living with people of the digital age will do that... But, I have located tapes and a decent stereo to work with. An analog craft project is in my near future. But, I did make a pretty nifty mix CD today. Thought I'd throw up the pictures:

From the cover, each page has a line from each track. The last page is where the CD is. And the back cover is where the actual track list is. Most of the pictures came from Smithsonian Magazine as well as History Channel Magazine. I was a little strapped for cash, so it was assembled with Elmer's school glue and painters tape. The bottom stitching got ripped during assembling, but you learn from mistakes. Beside having to work in those confines, I'm very proud. Just wish I could see the look on the lucky friends face who receives this in the mail. :)
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