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So a month or two ago I made this boy I was dating a mixtape. I was about halfway done with the book I made for the tracklist when he broke up with me (womp womp). Soooo, here are a few pictures of the (infinitely) unfinished book, and the tracklist:

right page is vellum

hobbit runes in the upper left, haha. It says, "He loves me, he is beautiful. Tomorrow he will be gone again, but he never gets away."

The fortune on the left page says, "The evening promises romantic possibilities". It was from my lunch a few hours before we confessed our crushes on each other and had our first kiss, *awwww*.

Side A:
Monsula - Firecracker
Gaunt - Jim Motherfucker
Moss Icon - Locket
Jawbreaker - With or Without U2
Khayembii Communique - Death of an Aspiring Icon
Cat Power - King Rides By
Irving - Crumbling Mountain Tops
Paul Baribeau - Last Time
Carissa's Wierd - The Color That Your Eyes Changed...

Side B:
Drive Like Jehu - Spikes to You
Constatine Sankathi - Esoteric
Pygmy Lush - Big Black Hole
Alcest - Printemps Emeraude
Mountain Goats - Moon and Sand
Swans - Warm
Jets to Brazil - You're the One I Want
Tegan and Sara - Nineteen

(Yes, I'm guilty of recycling songs... oh well. Hah.)
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